Páramo Clothing presents the unique Nikwax® Duology® Waterproof System

Four seasons, one active outdoor combination

Páramo Directional Clothing is excited to present our latest innovation – the unique Nikwax Duology waterproof system. Using Nikwax Duology fabrics, it provides one active outdoor combination, designed for four seasons.

Alize Windproof & Fleece combination, for women. 

Directionality makes the Nikwax Duology waterproof system unique. It moves not only liquid water, but water vapor, away from the wearer. Páramo uses this technology in a two-garment combination keeping you warm and dry in rain or snow, and cool in hot weather.

Enduro Windproof and Fleece combination, for men.

This system combines Nikwax Duology Fleece with Nikwax Duology Windproof, giving you an adaptable and versatile two layer, bio-mimicking and membrane free modular system. The Duology Fleece, when worn underneath a Duology Windproof, provides full waterproof protection – allowing outdoor people to stay out, in all conditions.

Zefira Windproof and Fleece combination, for women.

Depending on your use, there are three different garment solutions available. Multisport users should wear the Ostro or Alize combination, which is ideal for lightweight, high energy activities. For hillwalkers and hikers the Bentu or Zefira combination is best. For high mountain, climbing and alpinism, look no further than the Enduro or Ventura combination.

Ostro Windproof & Fleece combination, for men.

These three options allow use of the Nikwax Duology system in a wide range of temperatures and activities, park to peak, in all four seasons, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout. Nikwax Duology protects you from rain and removes sweat, reducing condensation build-up within the system by moving liquid moisture away from the body.

Ventura Windproof and Fleece combination, for women.

Nikwax Duology is quiet, soft, puncture tolerant, field repairable and is free of PFCs and other persistent chemicals of concern. The waterproof performance is indefinitely renewable with Nikwax Aftercare giving a longer wear life, with lower environmental impact. All Nikwax Duology fabrics are recyclable.

Bentu Windproof & Fleece combination, for men.


Photography Beyond Borders 2019

Travel Photographer of the Year awards, proudly sponsored by Páramo Directional Clothing.

Hot/Cold 2018 – Highly Commended:
Joshua Holko, Australia.

Founded in 2003, and sponsored by Paràmo  since 2017, the annual Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) competition attracts submissions from amateur, semi-professional and professional photographers from more than 140 countries. All are drawn to take the TPOTY challenge not only by the fantastic prizes on offer, but by the international kudos and exposure that comes from doing well in the awards.

Travel Photographer of the Year 2019 has a wide range of category themes and awards, reflecting the great diversity of travel photography. The winning photographer will be the entrant who submits the most stunning eight images, across four portfolio categories: ‘The Art of Travel’, ‘Endangered Planet’, ‘People & Cultures’ and ‘Thrills & Adventures’. There is also a special award for young photographers, and a category solely for images shot on a smartphone or tablet. New for this year is the TAPSA Travel Documentaries Award, for documentary photography with a travel-related theme.

Hot/Cold 2018 – Highly Commended:
Souvik Dutta, India. 

Fantastic prizes include £5,000 in TPOTY cash bursaries, Fujifilm XT-3 cameras with 18-55mm lenses, Swarovski CL Companion 8×30 binoculars, a WILDFOOT Travel Northern Lights and Whale sailing ship expedition in Northern Norway, a 10-day trip to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and the Xposure Festival of Photography being held there (including a five-day photography workshop with the 2013 Travel Photographer of the Year, Timothy Allen), a TravelLight Secret Venice Immersive Photo Workshop with photographers’ Chris Weston and Simon Weir, a selection of Paràmo Directional Clothing, Plastic Sandwich leather portfolio books and iFolios, a full set of the stunning ‘Remembering Wildlife’ books, Photo Iconic mentoring and critiques, exhibition-quality prints from Genesis Imaging and Royal Photographic Society (RPS) memberships. Phew!

Travel 2018 – Special Mention: 
Marsel van Oosten, Netherlands.

The awards are judged by an international panel of imaging experts, including double Pulitzer Prize-winner Essdras M Suarez, and Lawrence Jackson, a former official White House photographer under the Obama Administration. Winning images will be showcased in global media coverage and in the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibitions; in 2018 alone TPOTY exhibitions were seen by some two million people!

The 2019 categories are:

• The eight-image portfolio category: ‘The Art of Travel’
• The four-image portfolio categories: ‘Endangered Planet’, ‘People & Cultures’, ‘Thrills & Adventures’
• ‘TAPSA Travel Documentaries’ (the Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award)
• The One Shot single-image categories: ‘Dusk to Dawn’, ‘Ocean, Seas, Rivers, Lakes’, ‘Street Life’
• The SmartShot phone/tablet category: iTravelled
• Young Travel Photographer of the Year: My Journey

Natural World 2018 – Winner, Best Single Image:
Florent Mamelle, France.

Images can be submitted online at tpoty.com or as prints. Entry fees start at £8 and submissions to the Young TPOTY are free of charge. Entries close on October 1st and the results will be announced in December. Watch this space…!

Keeping Mountain Rescue Volunteers Safe and Comfortable

Páramo® Directional Clothing is a first choice for UK Mountain Rescue Teams

Sustainable clothing can also be high performance

Páramo Directional Clothing designs high performance functional clothing for people who are active outdoors in extreme weather. In recent years Páramo has received positive publicity for its strong environmental stance: it was the first outdoor brand to both sign up to the Greenpeace Detox Campaign, and to completely eliminate PFC (Perfluorinated Chemical) treatments from its clothing range. It is a less well-known fact that Páramo, for over 15 years, has been the leading supplier of weather protection for UK Mountain Rescue teams.

British mountains are a tough test

They may not be high, but British mountains are well known for their potentially treacherous weather conditions. Cloud and rain can engulf mountaintops in minutes, for hours – and sometimes days – making navigation extremely difficult and dangerous. It can take a very long time to locate lost climbers, walkers, or casualties, and Mountain Rescuers have to be able to rely upon their clothing to keep them safe, warm and dry.

Durability is good news!

Páramo waterproof garments use a fabric system called Nikwax Analogy®. The system is extremely durable and can be renewed several times with Nikwax TX.Direct® in a washing machine. Indeed, many Páramo jackets that belong to UK Mountain Rescue Teams are still working hard after more than 10 years of use. Reliable, durable and functional gear is invaluable for Mountain Rescue – and other charitable organisations – who depend upon financial contributions and government grants for their existence.

In summary…

Páramo Directional Clothing has long been tried, tested and trusted; with durable, comfortable fabrics making its garments suitable for a variety of demanding outdoor situations. However, you do not have to be a mountain guide to benefit from, and enjoy, Páramo. Staying warm and dry in variable conditions and demanding situations can help all of us to extend our comfort zones.



Zero Footprints – join a new community

Inspired by the phenomenal response to our Zero Footprint project where every photo over a 5 year period was taken from the same location, Morag and I (Morag Paterson & Ted Leeming) have recently launched a not-for-profit web community, Zero Footprints, to act as a voice and hub for photographers across the globe exploring any theme relating to climate change.  Continue reading

The Urban Birder in the Falklands

© David Lindo | On the Falkland Islands wearing a Páramo Halcon Jacket

I regularly traverse the four corners of the globe ostensibly on the search for urban birds which often leads me to the least likely of urban spots. When I got an invitation from the Falkland Islands Tourism Board to visit the islands I just could not resist. Every now and again you have to leave the ‘urban’ behind! Continue reading

From Big Cats to Silver Voles in Mongolia

I’ve been wearing Páramo gear for several years now and it has seen me through lots of different situations. Working as a wildlife camera operator, you’re exposed to all the elements, so the flexibility and choice in the Páramo range has been really helpful. I’m often working at either end of the day, starting out before sunrise and finishing after sunset. Even in warmer countries these times of day can be pretty brutal, so I’m a big fan of layering! The Páramo gear easily allows this. Continue reading

Ski to the Edge sets off: a 600 Mile Yukon Wilderness Expedition

Yukon Government Archives photo shows Alex Van Bibber, Curly Desrosiers and Harry Cooper in the Firth River area in 1948. (Alex Van Bibber collection, 92/28 #15, Yukon Archives)

The late Alex Van Bibber was a child of the Gold Rush era in the Yukon Territories, born in 1916. In 1943, he led the Canoil expedition to find a new oil pipeline route as a result of concerns over the Japanese landing on the nearby Aleutian Islands. We were hugely privileged to hear Alex’s stories first hand as he gave us his last interview in 2014, at the age of 98. He shared tales of rafting to school from their home in Fort Selkirk to Dawson City with him, as the oldest child aged 13, in charge. He later starred in films about the Yukon, ‘Challenge to be free’ and ‘The Last Trapper’, he took the Chicago mob hunting and even took the Kennedy family up Mount Kennedy. His life was full of rich adventures as a guide, instructor and rescuer – the modern day title of ‘legend’ was well deserved.

Click to enlarge

Continue reading

Exploring the most splendid playground in the world! Recording UK marine wildlife.

“The seashore is the most splendid playground in the world. There is so much to do and so much to see that we never grow tired of being there. No matter how long a time we may spend at the seaside, there are always new treasures to seek, fresh discoveries to make – always something more to interest or amuse us.”                                                                                      
                                                                                                           The Sea Shore by F. Martin Duncan

Those words were written over a hundred years ago in a book for children but they are still true today, and just as true for adults as for kids – in my case anyway! You will find me exploring the marine environment at every possible opportunity, snorkelling, diving, turning over boulders on the seashore and peering into rockpools.  Continue reading